Amie Blumberg Coaching

Copy of Beginner. Striver. Transitioner.

Beginner. Striver. Transitioner.

At One Time or Another,
I've Been All Three


About Amie

After years as a senior business leader in the retail and fashion industries, I found myself downsized. I took it as an opportunity to tap into my entrepreneurial spirit and make a giant career leap. I hired my own career coach, who saw me through my transition and provided sound guidance. Along the way, I found my passion as an Executive Coach - the role I was meant for. 

My personal mantra has always been to reach for the stars. (After all, persistence, tenacity, personal challenges, and growth keep us all in motion). And I’m happy to be living this mantra every day for myself and with the people I coach. 

I think of myself as a catalyst, a connector between people and their ambitions. My coaching approach focuses on strategizing, focusing on peoples’ strengths, identifying patterns of behavior beneath the surface. Then taking what’s best and connecting it to an action plan. 

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