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Un-Trap Yourself!

My article was featured in the April issue of 24/Seven Magazine — full article and details below.



When it comes to your career, do you feel hopelessly trapped? Caught at a crossroads with nowhere to turn?

You sense that nothing is stable, comfortable or guaranteed. Missions, strategies, and even your colleagues can change with the latest corporate mantra, merger or reorganization. Whether it’s a new technology, a looming deadline or demanding boss, you are doing your very best to just keeping up with what’s expected.

In a world that expects more and more, you become anxious - scared to say or do the wrong thing, make the wrong move, appear irrelevant, or even seem weak because you dare to reach out and ask for help.

You are what I call a Transitioner, someone who has been downsized (or even capsized), ready for a change, willing to explore new opportunities, take a risk or is having difficulty navigating a new job.

Transitioners typically lack the confidence to take charge of their career; they’re wary about taking any action at all.

So, if you are feeling a bit frustrated about your professional future or in flux, its time to think creatively. Everyone needs a personal mission, a goal in life.

As you think about what’s next, here are a few strategies from my Nine Building Dots Method that will help you get started.

Start by identifying your passion. Think about what excites you and where you would rather be spending your time and energy. Start with a vision, which creates clarity and helps you define new goals and possibilities. You’ll begin to see your way forward and you’ll prepare yourself to navigate the opportunities of your lifetime with skills and confidence.

Embrace change. Make sense of what is stopping you and remove the barriers that are getting in your way from reaching your goals. I believe that everyone has distinctive strengths that can be developed, passions that can be channeled to get results.

Explore opportunities you’ve never considered before. Determine what actions you will need to take to make this shift and seek out resources to build an easily executable success plan. Exploring possibilities through a broader lens can feel empowering and helps you restore confidence as you break down those walls.

So, embrace change, un-trap yourself, and take action to achieve sustained greatness.


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