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Sunday Night Blues

My article was featured in the January issue of 24/Seven Magazine — full article and details below.


Sunday Night Blues

It’s Sunday night. You’re watching mindless television and reflecting on what an amazing weekend you just had with friends and family. Suddenly, you have a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach and it just won’t go away.

Tomorrow morning, the work week begins. Within seconds, your weekend bliss wears off and your emotional well-being plummets from total relaxation to sheer dread. The anticipation of your workload and professional demands is off the charts. You feel incredibly anxious, highly stressed and frustrated. Why? Simple. You hate your job!

For so many of us, this best describes how we feel about what we do. According to a recent poll by, 76 percent of Americans report having “really bad Sunday night Blues”. That one-night of sleep stands between you and a new work week.

A 2017 Gallop Poll reported that, “85 percent of people hate their jobs and especially their boss,” and Forbes magazine reported in a recent Gallop Poll, that “work is more a source of frustration than fulfillment for 90 percent of the world’s workers.”

Today, only 24 percent of Americans enjoy their weekend to its fullest and have implemented simple strategies such as:

• Avoiding work email

• Scheduling something for Sunday night to keep them occupied

• Treating Saturday like Sunday by running errands on Saturday to feel a sense of accomplishment

• Setting a weekly plan so you hit the ground running on Monday morning

• Identifying triggers that cause stress and anxiety.

You’ve tried the quick and easy solutions with neither success nor emotional relief.

When you experience Sunday night blues, how do they manifest themselves? Are you frustrated and unfulfilled? Feeling stuck with no visible way out?

What you are missing is a manageable success plan that can lead to a more gratifying job and elimination of the Sunday night blues.

Here are a few strategies from my Nine Building Dots Method that will help you get started.

Start by identifying what’s getting in your way and why you hate your job?

Pinpoint the obstacles that are barriers to your success and happiness and identify the resources you will need to remove them.

Create a plan with realistic goals and expectations that support the career change or transition you are looking for.

Learn how you can maximize your potential and leverage your skills by working with others.

Tapping into your expertise can provide a new perspective as you explore new opportunities.

Do these and your Sunday night blues just might turn into the Monday morning delights!


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